X-Pose' Photography & Design

    "Beyond the pixels of the picture!"  

Sharetha, owner of X-Pose' Photography & Design, has combined her profession of Interior Design with Professional Photography.  With an admiration of photography and design for many years, Sharetha graduated with a degree in Interior Design in 2006.  She is also a registered nurse, event coordinator, inspirational speaker, and now new author!


As such a talented individual, also high in meditation, she received an inspiring vision in April 2013 to take her talents to another level.  She not only wanted to engage fully in photography, but her goal was to continue to provide encouragement and inspiration through her works.  Her motto is: "It's far beyond the pixels of the picture, it's defining one's vision!"  X-Pose' Photography & Design opened its doors in June 2013 and now over 3 years later, her studio has become the foundation to many new endeavors including her NEW inspirational T-Shirt designs, events for current and aspiring business owners, and her new book, "The Release".  Visit her website at www.sharethanicole.com to purchase your copy!

Sharetha's images embrace many advertisements such as business cards, banners, book covers (Our Story, She's Marrying My Man, & Walk in Purpose {The Journal}), magazines (Boom of Mississippi and Expose'), and even a former billboard that was on one of the busiest interstates in Mississippi.  She  takes pride in her work but more so the genuine love for people from all walks of life!

"Words can not describe", Sharetha states as she gives respect to the photography and design industry, including Will Sterling, "Sterling Photography", Elliott James, "Elite Images Photography", and many others.  Sharetha gives special acknowledgement  to Ron Blaylock "Blaylock Fine Art Photography" whom taught her basic photography at Milsaps College to enhance her self-directed skills.

Sharetha now resides as the president of "The Market" , an organization that was designed to aid current and aspiring entrepreneurs that strive to become better individuals and business owners.  The members come together once a month for events, community service, and other programs.

The Market 2014

Photo Credit: Sterling Photography of Ridgeland, MS

The Market 2015

Photo Credit: Elite Images of Pearl, MS

During her new journey, Sharetha also embraced an opportunity to learn from a talented photographer she so admired.  She was able to learn from celebrity photographer, Will Sterling & Team (J. Bolin, Virgil Self, Chanelle Renee, & others). Sharetha thanks God daily for the talents he has instilled within her and she invites YOU into her season!

Sharetha truly believes in self-development, no matter ones skill level.

Never Give Up
Yolanda Adams (Believe)